02/24/2024 AIPG AMA: QuickGuide

The following is a summary of the LIVE AMA that AI Power Grid held on February 24th, 2024. This was the first AIPG AMA and a Discord Exclusive Event, which was hosted by AIPG Staff via a Live Stage on the AIPG Discord to an audience of about 60 Discord Members. Many questions were submit prior to the AMA, which were answered first, followed by an Open Q&A in which the audience fielded even more questions for AIPG staff to answer.

The following questions and answers are a summarized version of each question that was asked and each answer that was provided. The AMA at 1 hour 20 minutes in length was 2x as long as intended, trimmed to 1hr 7min for a YouTube upload of the recording. However, this length of time proved a challenge for the YouTube Audience. As a result, this “TLDR” version of the AMA Transcript was generated via the aid of an Artificial Intelligence LLM currently available for use by members of AI Power Grid’s Discord Server.

This QuickGuide of the AMA and its Q&A amounts to roughly 12 pages of text… while the AMA Transcript itself was roughly 34 pages in length. Do keep in mind: Some context may change as AIPG charts its own path. The aim of this QuickGuide is to save you time. We hope it achieves this goal.

Thank you for your interest in AIPG. In order to decentralize Open Source AI and facilitate the ease of AI access worldwide, AI Power Grid strives to stake an ambitious claim of substantial territory in the ever expanding sea of AI development amidst its global implementation. We look forward to your company on this endeavor.

— -

Question 1

Question: Can you describe AIPG and its practical uses, in simple terms?

Answer: AIPG is developing an AI Platform upon which multiple AI models may be utilized. GPU Miners will use AI models to process AI enhanced workloads, maximizing efficiency over traditional PoW GPU Cryptomining by contributing to real AI work rather than arbitrary effort. Node operators will be rewarded for facilitating AI workloads, therefore AIPG will be aiding the implementation of development and research in the AI arena. AIPG will shift its current GPU Cryptomining from PoW to PoUW in Q3 of 2024, this generates a tangible mechanism for decentralizing access to open-source AI by using the AIPG platform being developed now.

— -

Question 2

Question: How will the project function? Nodes will operate LLM models?

Answer: AIPG PoUW nodes will host LLMs for text and image generation as well as Stable Diffusion for image generation. Nodes may cater to different GPU strengths, supporting additional AI tools like web-scrapers or image decoders on low-end GPUs to facilitate tailored AI workflows by integrating LLMs with web-based resources so-as to more effectively leverage external data.

— -

Question 3

Question: Caricaturize the AIPG team, who is the comedian or the grump? How did you come together and what is your background?

Answer: The team’s bond ranges from one year to decades. All share interests in various asset trading and/or AI. Some members began AI rig building a year ago which drove the project together. There are no labels such as grumpy or funny among its members, such labels are avoided.

— -

Question 4

Question: Why is the team not Doxxed?

Answer: The AIPG team will detail their roles and experience on the website soon, withholding real names for now due to privacy and safety concerns. There is currently a working notion of beginning to reveal identities “Doxx” once AIPG establishes more of a market presence.

— -

Question 5

Question: Why is AIPG not on CoinMarketCap (CMC)?

Answer: AIPG is in the process of getting listed on CoinMarketCap. Initial outreach may have been premature but updated any info lacked then. The team is considering waiting, to avoid the $5,000 fast-track fee, but understands the fee likely exists for quality control and may pay.

— -

Question 6

Question: Can AIPG add a Burning Mechanism???

Answer: AIPG opts against a burn mechanism, focusing on technological growth to drive value, rather than token burning. The team feels that their goal to complete the project, once achieved, will spur sufficient increases in value and prove no burning mechanism is even necessary.

— -

Question 7

Question: What is the detailed marketing plan for AIPG, are partnerships possible?

Answer: AIPG is pursuing partnerships in open-source AI and remains open to future corporate collaborations, particularly for large-scale API service integrations.

— -

Question 8

Question: When will the Web Wallet be released? Will QT Seeds be compatible?

Answer: The AIPG Web Wallet, recently released, is compatible with QT Seeds.

— -

Question 9

Question: When will Mobile Wallet Apps and Hard Wallets be supported?

Answer: AIPG has opted out of Mobile Apps in favor of its Web Wallet and, while compatible with Trezor’s “block book” plans for full Trezor hardware wallet support are in progress; and while other similar options are being considered they have not been looked at closely yet.

— -

Question 10

Question: When will AIPG be listed on other Exchanges?

Answer: An effort to be listed on MEXC is already well underway, as well as efforts to be listed on a few others. More detailed news may be available within the next few weeks.

— -

Question 11

Question: Will AIPG develop any custom LLM?

Answer: The team has already developed custom LLMs through fine-tuning and quantized training which can be used on the AIPG Discord. One is currently being used to translate the Q&A summary into 8 different languages. AIPG plans to provide fine-tuning services for AI models, particularly in image generation, and is considering offering full training services.

— -

Question 12

Question: How different is AIPG from other AI cryptocurrencies such as TAO, and can you provide a feature spreadsheet to compare AIPG to them by?

Answer: AIPG stands out by curating a user-friendly platform while also providing a backend network of PoUW nodes to power AI tools… compared to other projects like Bittensor (TAO) that offer a more foundational ecosystem to build upon but without an intuitive platform by which to use; which leads to a steep learning curve which AIPG strives to avoid. The team is considering creating a feature comparison spreadsheet to highlight these differences.

— -

Question 13

Question: When can we expect the NFT Marketplace?

Answer: The AIPG NFT Marketplace, aiming for beta release by April, will facilitate AI image generation and storage, NFT minting, and trading, with a gallery for the showcasing of AI art.

— -

Question 14

Question: What will be the minimum hardware requirements for AIPG Nodes?

Answer: AIPG will distinguish between compute nodes, which will operate akin to traditional mining rigs and require no stake, and validator nodes which will require a 10,000 AIPG stake. Validator nodes will possibly need to utilize GPUs in order to run quantized AI models for the validation process itself. We’re considering limiting the validator roles to not require a GPU.

— -

Question 15

Question: RAM memory and SSD will also matter for Nodes?

Answer: Nodes with SSD or M.2, ample RAM, and advanced GPUs can manage more tasks and earn rewards quicker by swiftly moving popular AI models from system RAM to GPU VRAM. A node with high RAM and M.2 memory could store and provision multiple in-demand models.

— -

Question 16

Question: How do Nodes earn? What’s the PoUW/Staking timeline, and the expected APY?

Answer: Node operators will receive AIPG rewards, with validator nodes due in Q3 for transaction and AI compute validation. Staking, starting with transaction validation, is launching within two months; specifics on APY are still pending.

— -

Question 17

Question: Which upcoming milestone is the team most excited about reaching?

Answer: Our immediate goal and pride is in bridging the community with open-source AI technology, making it accessible and being strategically positioned for growth as the technology rapidly advances.

— -

Question 18

Question: Have you started developing WAIPG?

Answer: Our team is considering ‘wrapping’ AIPG into an ERC-20 token for interoperability with Ethereum, enabling smart contract functionalities and added ease of use. While there’s no set plan yet, a future community vote could determine this step. For now, our focus is on enhancing our Layer 1 blockchain’s capabilities.

— -

Question 19

Question: Will AIPG introduce liquidity pooling and reward-based marketing tasks on social networks, potentially offering NFTs as incentives?

Answer: AIPG holders could independently create “validator pools” akin to mining pools to collectively stake liquidity for a Node if they don’t have the full amount themselves, thereby then sharing in the rewards distributed as the node operator’s fee. Marketing initiatives, such as social media tasks, are not a focus, but NFT giveaways and exclusive mintings are potential future incentives; and art contests might also be held once the NFT Marketplace is live.

— -

Question 20

Question: How will AIPG keep up to date with always advancing AI technologies?

Answer: Without any direct competitors in the AI crypto sphere, AIPG distinguishes itself by developing a unique platform unrivaled by other AI coins. The platform’s adoption of new AI technologies will be dictated by user demand, ensuring that only popular models are utilized and maintained. As the AI industry progresses, AIPG plans to stay in step, providing users access to the latest models desired by the community. As a result, AIPG will always be up to date with advances in the AI sphere.

— -

Question 21

Question: Will AIPG implement a free text-to-video AI generator?

Answer: AIPG is considering the inclusion of NFT minting of short videos via the AI Art Gallery. The team is watching advancements by Stability AI and OpenAI’s Sora, noting their escalating competition in AI video generation. Discussions of AI-generated music also hints at the potential for minting audio NFTs, depending on AI audio’s market growth and interest.

— -

Question 22

Question: How does AIPG plan to manage content generation, in light of backlash against Gemini AI for forced diversity, and will there be measures ensuring decentralization and unbiased outputs?

Answer: AIPG values the autonomy Open Source AI provides, aiming to offer uncensored models with a balance between freedom and responsibility to prevent misuse. The team is committed to neutrality, avoiding corporate bias, and propaganda, and will present models as developed by the open-source community — ensuring a fair platform without the fine-tuning biases hyper prevalent in corporate AI.

— -

Question 23

Question: Will AIPG be compatible with Tangem Wallet in the future?

Answer: AIPG has not yet planned Tangem Wallet integration but is considering hardware wallet support, initially targeting Trezor. AIPG remains open to exploring various hardware wallets including Tangem, based on community feedback and security considerations.

— -

Question 24

Question: Are “validator nodes” different from people mining?

Answer: In AIPG’s structure, validator nodes and AI compute nodes will form a dichotomy similar to miners and “master nodes” in other cryptocurrencies. Validator nodes will stake AIPG then validate transactions and AI tasks, while AI compute nodes will handle the actual AI computation workloads without the need for staking.

— -

Question 25

Question: You mentioned “if” progress, then doxxing. What’s the biggest progress obstacle?

Answer: Adoption is the main challenge, but with a clear development path and a functioning prototype there are no major expected issues. The rise in Open Source AI interest, spurred by concerns over corporate AI censorship, should bolster adoption. The mention of ‘if’ regarding project completion was a casual remark and doesn’t reflect any doubts about AIPG’s success.

— -

Question 26

Question: Will AIPG’s PoUW algorithm be a custom product, or utilize an existing algorithm?

Answer: AIPG is phasing out the KawPoW hashing algorithm used in Proof of Work for a proprietary system tailored to managing AI workloads, routing, tracking, and rewarding, marking a transition from traditional mining to a network for AI workload distribution.

— -

Question 27

Question: What is the team’s previous experience?

Answer: AIPG’s development team boasts a strong expertise in Python, AI, ML, and related tech. The founder, “half”, brings 20 years of IT and development experience, and Operations and Communications Manager “Raz” has a substantial management background. The team consists of seasoned professionals each with over a decade in their domains.

— -

Question 28

Question: “wen uniswap”

Answer: AIPG is not natively compatible with Uniswap, as it exists to facilitate ERC-20 tokens. For Uniswap integration, AIPG would need to create a “wrapped” token or a Layer 2 solution. The team is exploring Atomic Swaps and has sought listing on Cosmos Exchange for peer-to-peer asset exchanges, indicating a move towards decentralized trading without relying on traditional exchanges. The team is also exploring the feasibility of ETH Wrapping of AIPG.

— -

Question 29

Question: What OS will validation nodes require? Will VM environments be compatible?

Answer: AIPG’s AI compute nodes will run inside a Docker container, making them OS-agnostic. Preferred Linux choices are Ubuntu or Debian, but any Linux flavor that supports Docker and the necessary dependencies should suffice.

— -

Question 30

Question: What upcoming AIPG milestones can we expect to see reached soon?

Answer: Upcoming milestones include launching the Proof of Stake system, the AI Art NFT Gallery, and enlisting miners to test the AI compute prototype for Node Operators. AIPG is eyeing ZLUDA’s potential to expand compatibility to AMD GPUs for hardware inclusivity.

— -

Question 31

Question: When will the coming PoUW Algorithm begin Beta Testing?

Answer: The beta for AIPG’s new mining algorithm is thought to be expected in upwards of two to three weeks, with recruitment for approximately 20 testers to run and evaluate it.

— -

Question 32

Question: Is the AMD to NVIDIA compatibility program you mentioned called ROCM?

Answer: No, it is called ZLUDA; exact details are heretofore not known by the team.

— -

Question 33

Question: Requirements for POS?

Answer: Though not yet defined, the determination will likely be around 10,000 AIPG. You may also be required to have a low-end GPU if you want to validate AI workloads as well.

— -

Question 34

Question: What requirements for Testers, or what reward to expect?

Answer: Testers of AIPG’s mining algorithm will receive compensation, though specific rewards are yet to be defined. The testing seeks a range of mining rigs, from low-end setups to high-end AI configurations, ensuring broad compatibility for the testing phase.

— -

Question 35

Question: How long will PoUW be tested in Beta before its final rollout?

Answer: The testing duration is currently unknown.

— -

Question 36

Question: Will AIPG create an Android App?

Answer: The Web Wallet is compatible with smartphone browsers, its use is encouraged.

— -

Question 37

Question: Why is an Android App not a priority for the AIPG Project?

Answer: AIPG currently does not plan to develop specific Android or iOS apps for wallets, preferring to use the AIPG Web Wallet for mobile accessibility due to the high maintenance of App Store listings. Past focus was on the Web Wallet for mobile users, aligning with the project’s current phase and resources; Mobile Wallets may be reconsidered, in due time.

— -

Question 38

Question: Does the audience better understand AIPG’s progress and goals from this AMA?

Answer: Yes. All in the audience who responded affirmed a better understanding.

— -

Question 39

Question: Will there be a text summary of the AMA available online?

Answer: A YouTube video will exist, transcripts and translations will be available on Discord.

— -

Question 40

Question: When will the next AMA be?

Answer: TBD, the next AMA has not yet been discussed.

— -

Question 41

Question: What Exchange will AIPG be listed on after MEXC?

Answer: Although MEXC is a primary goal, AIPG is open to advantageous listing offers from alternative exchanges; which could precede the MEXC listing if the current fundraising takes time. The team believes preserving the operations fund until the coin’s value appreciates is strategically sound in order to bullishly and positively facilitate future listing prospects.

— -

Question 42

Question: “wen binance”

Answer: TBD, unknown.

— -

Question 43

Question: What is the mission of AIPG, and what is its future ecosystem?

Answer: AIPG’s mission centers on connecting the public with open-source AI, fostering a passion for Open Source AI with wider accessibility and decentralization. The ecosystem will flourish with the implementation of NFT minting for an economy of assets and workloads.

— -

Question 44

Question: Has AIPG sought out large investors?

Answer: No. In order to stay true to its open-source philosophy, while striving to maintain its independence and avoid obligations to private entities, AIPG is not pursuing large investors.

— -

Question 45

Question: Will AIPG be listed on Coinbase?

Answer: AIPG views a future Coinbase listing as feasible. AIPG is structuring around legal and audit measures for eligibility, which may be pursued after the release of tangible technology.

— -

Question 46

Question: What percentage of AIPG does the team hold?

Answer: Below 2.5% of the Circulating Supply of AIPG from pay, some have purchased more.

— -

Question 47

Question: How is the team paid?

Answer: The team is paid once a month in AIPG, their pay is also subject to halving events.

— -

Question 48

Question: What is AIPG’s marketing plan?

Answer: AIPG acknowledges a lack of marketing due to the team’s technical focus. Presently, marketing services are being declined to preserve the project’s integrity. Hiring a marketer is under consideration. Upcoming achievements and the MEXC listing, which includes a built-in marketing program, are expected to boost marketing output significantly. Additional future Exchanges may include advertising in the services AIPG selects during their listing process.

— -

Question 49

Question: Will AIPG start any AI learning programs?

Answer: AIPG has launched webinars for AI education and plans to create documentation and guides for both developers and users. The goal is to curate an intuitive user experience with easy entry, while also providing a professional API for advanced users. Webinars are ongoing and accessible on YouTube, with more scheduled soon.

— -

Question 50

Question: AIPG Ecosystem???

Answer: AIPG will connect the public and open-source AI, simplifying AI tool usage away from advanced hardware and complex setups via the ease of integration, allowing businesses and individuals to access AI image and text generation via AIPG’s API; without reinventing the wheel. This facilitates better more efficient workflows, especially for businesses utilizing AI for effective communication internationally between a variety of languages and cultures.

— -

Question 51

Question: “wen podcast”

Answer: AIPG is contemplating a podcast centered on Open Source AI, which would feature discussions on various startup and crypto AI projects with similar goals. If careful to avert diversion from AIPG’s core objectives, a podcast could benefit AIPG by increasing visibility and fostering industry collaboration. However, the concept is still tentative and would need to focus on highlighting the positive aspects of other projects without demeaning them.

— -

Question 52

Question: How can AIPG be spent? Are there any Apps?

Answer: AIPG will extends its utility beyond mining and trading on exchanges with features like the AI Art Gallery and NFT Marketplace, serving as model applications of AIPG’s APIs. The ecosystem empowers users to create apps that harness AIPG’s AI workflow infrastructure. To aid in broader adoption, individuals and businesses are encouraged to accept AIPG as tender.

— -

Question 53

Question: Will businesses use USD to pay for AIPG’s AI services, with a portion in AIPG?

Answer: For professional services, businesses are likely to pay in more stable currencies like Bitcoin or USDT, to avoid complications and liabilities. However, for casual generative AI use and NFT Minting service, AIPG intends to use its own currency for associated transactions.

— -

Question 54

Question: How can we help AIPG succeed?

Answer: Support AIPG by becoming a part of and engaging in its community, look for detailed updates in the coming revised Whitepaper to better understand the project’s objectives, and also help spread awareness of AIPG’s efforts through word-of-mouth promotion.

— -

Question 55

Question: Do you have any upcoming partnerships?

Answer: No, but AIPG is open to and actively seeking collaboration opportunities.

— -

Question 56

Question: Does AIPG plan to implement a “kill-switch” to prevent rogue AI on its platform?

Answer: AIPG is dedicated to dispelling fears of AI dominance, underscoring that AI is a sophisticated tool, not an impending threat. The team challenges the alarmist view that AI necessitates heavy censorship and restriction, advocating for a reasoned understanding of AI’s role and its future impact.

— -

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