How to use the Web Wallet

AIPG has released a web wallet which is extremely quick and easy to use, even on mobile.

First of all, go to

If this is your first time creating a wallet for AIPG, click on “Create A New Wallet”

This will then produce a pop up that gives you your seed phrase. DO NOT forget this, make sure you write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Without your seed phrase you will not be able to recover your wallet!

If you wish, you can also set an Optional Passphrase where it says “Optional Passphrase (BIP39)”. This is an extra layer of security that encrypts your seed phrase. If you do choose to use an Optional Passphrase, you must also treat this like your seed phrase and write it down somewhere and DO NOT LOSE IT!

When you have saved your seed phrase (and your Optional Passphrase if you set one), click on “I Have Written Down My Seed Phrase”.

The next screen asks you to encrypt your wallet by setting a password. To send any AIPG from the web wallet, you will need this password. Again, record it somewhere and DO NOT LOSE IT!

Enter your password, then re-enter your password and click “Encrypt”.

You will then be brought to the balance screen.

This will show you your AIPG balance, your transactions, a “Send” button and a “Receive” button. At this point I would highly advise “Locking” your wallet by click where it says “Lock Wallet” and then clicking confirm.

This prevents accidental sending of AIPG as you will need to unlock your wallet with your password later if you wish to send any AIPG to anyone.

To obtain your AIPG address, click on “Receive”. This shows you your AIPG wallet address where you can receive funds into your wallet, for example, if you are withdrawing from an Exchange.

Close the receive box by clicking the cross in the top right.

The following instructions are on how to send AIPG out of your web wallet.

If you locked your wallet, as advised earlier, you will need to unlock your wallet before you can send any AIPG to anyone.

To do this, click “Unlock Wallet” located above your balance.

You will be asked to enter your wallet password -

Enter your password and click “Confirm”.

You should get a little green pop-up in the bottom right of your screen confirming your wallet is now unlocked.

To send AIPG, click “Send”. A box will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the address you want to send AIPG to in the “Receiving Address” field. Enter the amount in the “Amount” field. Where you see 0.00 GBP, this is the total value of AIPG you are sending. The currency for this can be changed under “Settings — Display — Choose a Display Currency”.

The fees to send are taken automatically from the amount you want to send.

If you are planning on sending AIPG to a particular address regularly, for example, Xeggex, before clicking “Send”, click on the 3 little dots indicated to add a Contact.

When you click the three dots, you will see the following box.

Click “Contacts”.

Give your contact a name, for example, Xeggex. Enter your Xeggex deposit address where it says “Address or XPub” and then click the “+” button.

You will now see Xeggex added as a contact along with your deposit address. Please make sure all details are correct before proceeding.

Now, click close to return to the Wallet balance screen.

When you now click “Send”, you can select your contacts by clicking on the address book icon located here -

Your contacts will appear above. Click on Xeggex and it will autofill the Receiving Address field.

Enter the amount of AIPG you want to send, then click “Send”. Don’t forget to “Lock” your wallet again after you have sent your AIPG to prevent any future mistakes.

That’s it, it really is as simple as that.

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