How to install the AIPG wallet on MacOS

First of all go to and download the .dmg file for MacOS -

Once downloaded, go to your Downloads folder and double click the .dmg file.

You should see a window like this pop up -

Drag the AIPG Core icon over to the Applications icon -

Next, go to your applications and you will see AIPG Core has been added -

Click on the AIPG Core icon. You may get a warning pop up like this —

Click “Cancel” and then go to System Preferences — Security and Privacy. There you will see there is a message saying that AIPG Core could not be opened because it is not from an identified developer. Click “Open Anyway” -

Click “Open” on the next pop-up -

You will now see the wallet first screen -

Click “Ok” and you will be presented with this screen -

If this is your first time using the wallet, click “Generate”. This will generate a seed phrase consisting of 12 words. Make sure you write this down and DO NOT LOSE IT! -

If you want to enter a Recovery Passphrase, enter this into the box below where your seed phrase is. Please remember to write this down also!

When you are ready to continue, click “Import”. This will then take you to the wallet passphrase screen. Choose a passphrase (basically a password) you want to use to send any AIPG and confirm it -

Do not forget this passphrase! Without it you will not be able to send any AIPG!

After clicking “Confirm” when you have entered your passphrase twice, the wallet will load and start syncing -

While it is syncing, goto “File → Receiving Addresses” -

On the next window, click “New” —

Give your new wallet a label here and then click “Ok” —

Your address will be created with it’s label. You can now copy that address and use it when receiving AIPG, either from mining or when withdrawing from an exchange -

That’s it! Wait for your wallet to fully sync and you are ready to start with AIPG.

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