How to import AIPG into the Web Wallet

Today I am going to show you how to import your existing AIPG into the Web Wallet using your seed phrase.

First of all, go to

If you have never used the web wallet before, you will be presented with the following page —

The first thing you need to do here is go to “Settings” —

Make sure “Advanced Mode” is enabled —

Return to the Web Wallet screen by clicking “Dashboard” —

Have your seed phrase handy and click on “Access My Wallet” —

You will be presented with the following. Enter your seed phrase where it says —

Once you enter you seed phrase, a second box will appear below saying “Optional Passphrase (BIP39) —

If you chose a Recovery Passphrase when you originally created your desktop wallet, then this is where you need to enter that passphrase.

Once you have entered both your seed phrase and your recovery passphrase, click “Import Wallet”. You will then be taken to the “Enter Password” screen-

Enter a password for your Web Wallet. It does not have to be the same password you used for the desktop wallet. After entering and confirming your password, click “Encrypt”.

You will then be taken to a screen showing your wallet balance and transactions.

Congratulations! You have imported your desktop wallet into the Web Wallet!

There is no “logout” function for the wallet, but technically a “Delete Wallet” function. To prevent unauthorised access of your wallet, I would highly recommend using this feature.

Click on “Settings” and then click “Delete Wallet” —

A warning will be displayed. It sounds scary, but it’s really nothing to worry about, you will not lose your AIPG, it is just telling you that your Web Wallet will be deleted —

Click “Confirm” and you will be taken back to the main Web Wallet screen.

To “Log In” to the Web wallet again, you will need to enter your seed phrase and recovery passphrase (if you set one) again.

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