How to use the AIPG wallet in Windows

  1. Download the AIPG wallet for Windows from here —

2. Unzip the file you just downloaded onto your Desktop or other folder you want to use.

3. If Windows complains about the wallet being a virus, this is a false positive and you will need to set up an exclusion through Windows Security to prevent Windows from removing the AIPG executable.

4. In that folder you just unzipped, you will see four folders. Go into the “bin” folder and you will see aipg-cli.exe, test_aipg.exe and aipg-qt.exe. Double click aipg-qt.exe.

5. When you first load the wallet, you will be presented with the following, click on “Generate”.

6. This will then generate your seed phrase, DO NOT LOSE THIS!

7. Enter a Recovery Passphrase if you wish. This is an extra passphrase for your seed phrase, you do not have to, but if you do, DO NOT FORGET THIS!

8. Click Import and you will be presented with the wallet passphrase screen. This passphrase will be used whenever you want to send your AIPG anywhere.

9. Enter a passphrase and then type it again in the “Repeat new passphrase” box, DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPHRASE!

10. Click Confirm.

11. To get your AIPG address, go to File.

12. Click Receiving Addresses.

13. Click New and give your wallet a Label.

14. Your new address will be created, which you can copy using the Copy button on the bottom left.

15. That’s it, all done 😊

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